Build your own empire in Yes Your Highness

Build your own empire in Yes Your Highness
If you like the romantic surroundings of the Middle Ages, you love RPG games and would be happy to reincarnate for a while as a royal person, who is busy managing his kingdom and establishing diplomatic relations with his neighbors, pay attention to the Yes Your Highness mobile strategy. It was released a few days ago on App Store and Google Play.

Taking on the role of head of state, the gamer will:

  • complete educational quests to advance the plot;
  • make fateful decisions for the development of the country and raising one’s own authority;
  • explore other lands and recruit historical figures.

One of the interesting features of Yes Your Highness is the ability to enter into not only diplomatic alliances, but also to fall in love with different characters, marry them, raise heirs and look for successful candidates for their marriage.

Among the strengths, gamers note:

  • Attractive medieval setting;
  • Light music playing in an unobtrusive background;
  • Nice but simple graphics that even a budget smartphone can handle;
  • Vertical gameplay with simple controls;
  • Gold and premium currency as rewards.

Judging by the fact that Yes Your Highness has not got into the top lists of any of the platforms yet, it will not become the main event of the winter, but it will undoubtedly be able to give many pleasant hours to fans of the genre.
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