Battle Song of Silver Wings Beta has been launched

Battle Song of Silver Wings Beta has been launched
An early version of mobile MMORPG Battle Song of Silver Wings about adventures and battles, complemented by space motifs and a spectacular cyberpunk style, is available for downloading on Android devices in Singapore and other cities and countries of Southeast Asia. There are rumors that the version designed for iOS should also appear in online stores soon, but so far they remain unsubstantiated.

Battle Song of Silver Wings

According to the promises of the creators, the game will offer gamers:

  • Open world with many beautiful locations available for exploration;
  • Series of various quests, during which the character will gain skill points;
  • 6 hero classes, available for change directly during the game, but with a possible reset of points;
  • The ability to upgrade your character automatically (both battles and quests are automated), select more advanced weapons and powerful equipment for him.
  • Take part in grandiose battles and small battles, join guilds, trade, but the last two items will be available only after the player gains experience.

In general, early gamers received the game favorably. It was only simple content that caused dissatisfaction that can make you bored while leveling up your skills or farming, but there is a chance that this will have changed by the release of the final version of the game. Judging by what is known so far, Battle Song of Silver Wings has potential, especially since the creators promise regular updates and improvements after the testing phase is completed.
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