The forces of evil Grim Heroes do not sleep, but the dungeons will be cleared of enemies

The forces of evil Grim Heroes do not sleep, but the dungeons will be cleared of enemies
Dracula does not lie in his coffin. Whole hordes of various evil spirits are moving from his gloomy castle to human settlements, threatening to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth! Will you, a noble knight who wakes up in the cemetery with a horde of vampires, skeletons, zombies and other undead advancing on you, be able to turn the tide of a hopeless battle, or will the forces of the night win?

The battle royale mobile game Grim Heroes is released in early access on Google Play Canada. Gothic dungeons, bloodthirsty monsters, powerful artifacts, a gloomy but attractive atmosphere of the Middle Ages and many battles with both mobs and real opponents or online PVP battles – it’s all here.

The game is distinguished by:

  • 16-bit pixel graphics;
  • Simple, intuitive manual control;
  • Two game modes, extreme and crazy.

Gamers have access to:

  • 4 levels of locations that need to be cleared of enemies;
  • 4 new characters that open during the game;
  • Ability to form squads of up to 5 people;
  • Lots of tasks to complete and items to search for;
  • Wide selection of equipment and weapons;
  • The ability to form alliances with other players in company mode;
  • Battlefield where up to 8 alliances can fight;
  • Leaderboard and valuable rewards.

The game begins from the perspective of the lonely hero William, who first randomly swings his sword in an attempt to hit the creatures crawling out of all the cracks, and the gamer only has to move him around the map, choosing the desired angle. However, over time, dead enemies will allow the knight to upgrade his experience and skills, acquire new abilities and accumulate gold, and the characters discovered during the game form a good fighting squad, each member of which can boast of his own unique skills in destroying evil spirits.

There is no word on whether the developers plan to release the game on iOS.
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