Funny Fighters: Battle Royale – battle in a crazy world with crazy rules

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale – battle in a crazy world with crazy rules
Funny Fighters Game: Battle Royale, a battle royale game with unexpected, explosive humor and oddball characters whose antics make you smile, has been on PC for several months. But only a week ago it became available for download on Android devices on Google Play, and now on iOS on App Store. Moreover, the developers have not limited the geography of its distribution, so you don’t have to change your VPN settings to immerse yourself in the motley, funny, absurd, but at the same time incredibly exciting and attractive world of Funny Fighters: Battle Royale!

Graphics: simple and funny, even the cheapest smartphone can handle it.

Characters: sometimes ridiculous, but bright and cute. Each is endowed with its own characteristics and combat skills. For example, Nelly the Botanist will be able to knock you out with books, and the Horseman will be able to heal you from wounds received in battle. And then there is the metrosexual hairdresser Tony, Dr. Peculiar with a spectacular afro on his head, the incredibly cool DJ Wukong and many others.

Funny Fighters Battle Royale

Gameplay: exciting and unexpected. Tune in to:

  • PvP battles with gamers from all over the planet;
  • battles in formats from 1v1 to 8v8;
  • time-limited tests in cooperative and competitive modes;
  • often completely stupid, but funny options for battles and all-out brawls.

You will also find hand-to-hand combat with deadly weapons, firing rockets from a distance and the humiliating throwing of… poop at the enemy.

Bonuses: rewards for daily login and leveling up combat skills for completing tasks.

Atmosphere: Similar to Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party – fun, whimsical, addictive. Use the craziest moves and strategies to disable your opponent, share your mood with emoticons and get a lot of positive emotions, in addition to the satisfaction of victory!
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