Summer 2024 will delight gamers with the anime card game Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond

Summer 2024 will delight gamers with the anime card game Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond
The executive director of the Japanese corporation Cygames, Yuito Kimura, officially announced the development of a new card game in the style of the anime Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond, which will be released immediately on PC, iOS and Android and will support various languages in addition to Japanese and English. The free-to-play game will be a direct continuation of the Shadowverse series, retaining all the basic rules of its predecessor, but will have fundamentally new content and several additional features that are designed to make gamers’ experience of playing it much brighter.

Shadowverse Worlds Beyond

First of all, this is the “Super Evolution” mechanics with unprecedented skill development, access to which is opened by the second player after the sixth move; the “Join” button, which launches new functions of the amulet, and 8 deck classes, among which two original ones will appear. Gamers are also promised the opportunity not only to create their own characters, but also to customize them to their liking, and then freely move with the help of an avatar through the three-dimensional world of the game, explore a variety of spectacular locations, communicate with other players from different parts of the planet using the “World” function, take part in global card battles and mini-games and receive prizes.

The release of the new product is scheduled for the summer of 2024. The exact date has not been announced, but the game already has an official website, where the developers plan to post information about upcoming championships in Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond, both in Japanese and international arenas. It is already known that victory in the first tournament, scheduled for early 2025, will bring the lucky winner 10,000,000 yen.
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