Need for Speed Mobile is moving towards global release

Need for Speed Mobile is moving towards global release
Electronic Arts Corporation has launched preliminary closed testing of the prologue of Need for Speed Mobile; a once popular racing game that the developers predict will take off again as a mobile version. Selected lucky ones were able to download the client on Android to enjoy incredible speeds and take part in illegal races until December 5, after which a new stage began – a two-day beta test, followed by another test, deeper and longer.

It is not reported how long the latter will last, but it is obvious that the global release of the continuation of the mega-popular franchise in the mobile version is not far off. At the moment, the developers are analyzing the results of the preliminary download that took place for residents of Canada, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia and several other countries, as well as those players who, without being selected, were able to take part in testing by submitting applications via a VPN configured to Australia. They say that someone succeeded, although there is no confirmation of this. In any case, the attempts known to us did not lead to success.

Since the game has been going through hard times lately, there is a reason to believe that the developers have seriously got down to business to please the fans with something really worthwhile. At a minimum, an open world with points of interest awaits us, which is interesting in itself, the ability to customize an avatar to your liking, speed competitions with bots and real players, sharp turns, demolished obstacles and other attributes of racing games, raised to a fairly impressive level.

Pre-download was only available on Android. Whether the game will be available for iOS or everything will remain as it is unknown.
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