The re-release of Hitman: Blood Money-Reprisal will be released on November 30

The re-release of Hitman: Blood Money-Reprisal will be released on November 30
The parade of cult games being revived in a new mobile format that we've seen lately continues with 2006's stealth action game Hitman: Blood Money, upgraded to a premium title, equipped with "Reprisal" in the title and ready for download on iOS and Android.

The trailer for the updated version was presented to gamers in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Danish studio IO Interactive, which launched the original series of games at the beginning of this century. As part of the same event, the release date of the new product was announced on November 30 and pre-orders were opened in App Store and pre-registration on Google Play. It remains to wait quite a bit to evaluate the efforts of the developers Feral Interactive, who produced the relaunch, and decide, to what extent the British were able to repeat the success of their predecessors from Denmark. Let us remember that the first Hitman: Blood Money, released in 2006, was repeatedly called by gamers one of the most successful in the entire series.

Hitman Blood Money-Reprisal

It is known so far that Hitman: Blood Money-Reprisal has been optimized for devices with large and small screens while maintaining increased resolution, received a customizable touch interface and support for controllers along with the keyboard and mouse. A port for Nintendo Switch is currently in development and should be available for purchase this winter.

In terms of style, the game promises to retain the spirit of the classic Hitman: Blood Money. The unchanged Agent 47 will still guard his targets in the shadows, dashingly use weapons and complete missions, but with additional improved mechanics from later parts, such as a constantly present on-screen mini-map or highlighting mission objectives in Instinct mode.
Unlike Netflix games, you don't need a subscription to download the game, but you will have to pay about $15, £12.49 or €15.
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