Cooler Master creative idea: $5,000 sneaker

Cooler Master creative idea: $5,000 sneaker
Developed several years ago by modder JMDF, receiving the prestigious Best Art Award at the 2020 show, and once again promised to gamers in early 2023, Cooler Master's PC in a compact, creatively designed case is finally assembled. It's called Sneaker X and is about to become available to a wider audience. Its outline resembles a cyberpunk sneaker from Nike, featuring a fiery red upper combined with a white “sole” and wowing gamers' hearts with its cutting-edge filling, no less than its appearance.

There is no point in talking much about the design of the case: just look at a couple of pictures to understand why the sneaker computer has aroused keen interest. Time will tell how practical this will be, but there is no doubt that the new product looks impressive and will decorate the home of any gamer. Let's move straight to what is hidden from direct view.

Sneaker X computer

At the user's choice, the PC will be equipped with:

  • latest model processor from Intel or AMD,
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070/Ti video card,
  • 32 or 64 GB RAM.

In addition, the “sneaker” will receive a mini ITX form factor motherboard, an 850 W SFX power supply, and a 2 TB SSD drive. Of course, a gaming computer cannot do without RGB backlighting.

The liquid cooling system with an impressive AIO fan located on the side of the case and effectively shimmering with a rainbow of colors deserves special mention. Perforated panels are also installed on the side walls.

Cooler Master plans to release this model in three different colors.

The information that flashed in the summer about the cost of the new item at $6,000, fortunately, does not correspond to reality. Depending on the selected configuration option, a PC sneaker can cost $4925 or a more reasonable $3499, which is also not quite as palatable but much more budget-friendly. As experts say, the average cost of a PC in a uniquely designed case will be $1000 higher than an analog of a traditional form factor, so decide whether you are willing to pay that amount for creativity.
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