Smartphone Motorola Edge 40 has been presented to the public

Smartphone Motorola Edge 40 has been presented to the public

The main characteristics of the new Motorola

The gadget has a screen with frequency of 144 Hz. It will be relatively light: weighing 167 g. At the same time, the manufacturer has taken care of a high level of protection for the model. Motorola Edge 40 is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance. It is necessary to add that this indicator means the absolute tightness of the case.

The smartphone can be classified as a middle price category. The brand is ready to sell the novelty for 550 euros. And for such a relatively small amount, the buyer becomes the owner of a very worthy device.

First of all, a high level of protection against water and dust is the exception rather than the rule for this price category. The gadget promises to be comfortable to use thanks to the AMOLED screen. It is necessary to recall that this matrix is characterized by high contrast, combined with excellent colour reproduction and excellent clarity. In particular, black pleases with the maximum possible depth. Plus, the specifics of the screen is such that it usually does not need additional backlighting.

Motorola Edge 40

The display size is quite impressive: its diagonal is 6.55 inches. At the same time, thanks to Full HD + resolution, the pleasure of watching videos is guaranteed. Very impressive are also indicators such as peak brightness and frequency of the touch layer: they are 1200 cd / m2 and 360 Hz, respectively.

True, not everyone may like the gadget's battery, since its capacity is 4400 mAh, which is relatively modest if you look at analogues from this price category. Most likely, the manufacturer sacrificed the battery to make the smartphone lighter. The device will be powered by a 68W charger.

Additional properties

Surely many users will be pleased with the camera capabilities in Motorola Edge 40. It is capable of producing high-quality images with the resolution of 50 megapixels. The heart of the gadget is a very worthy Dimensity 8020 processor, so the buyer will not be disappointed in other parameters either.

The smartphone has 8 GB of RAM. 256 GB of flash memory is provided for storing a variety of user information.
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