ChatGPT may have a new competitor from Huawei

ChatGPT may have a new competitor from Huawei

Application under consideration

It is already known that the corporation managed to file an application for the NetGPT trademark with the relevant government department. If the venture is successful, that is what a chatbot competing with ChatGPT will be called.

According to the world media, the application for the Huawei NetGPT trademark is listed in class 9. According to the registration rules in the Chinese Patent and Trademark Office, this means that it is a product that includes scientific instruments. Therefore, it was concluded that, most likely, the corporation expects to create its own chatbot with artificial intelligence.

However, all information about the application is at the stage of assumptions and rumors, because it has not even been considered yet. No one can guarantee that the trademark will actually be used for some other purpose. But the similarity with the name of an already existing chatbot (ChatGPT from OpenAI) also testifies in favour of the mentioned version.

Huawei is preparing a ChatGPT competitor

By the way, not so long ago Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. made a statement that the company would not intend to use ChatGPT. Instead of integrating a third-party chatbot, the Chinese corporation was going to independently create technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, especially since it has wide opportunities to improve products. It is possible that soon the world will see NetGPT, which will be implemented in the manufacturer's devices.

Artificial intelligence in China

It is impossible not to recognize the success of China in the development of technologies related to AI. Back in 2022, in July, the country switched to the so-called “smart court” system, that is, artificial intelligence was introduced into the legal sphere. And in 2018, in the Heavenly Country, for the first time, they introduced a host created using AI, which became like a real-life reporter.

By the way, the experiment with the host was repeated. More recently, in March 2023, a girl created on the same principle appeared on TV screens in China. She is able to conduct news on any topic, answering a variety of questions. True, the audience noticed that it cannot do without propaganda. It is obvious that the Chinese Communist Party is using artificial intelligence to promote its ideas and principles to the masses.
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