Opera has made a bet on AI and introduced an updated browser Opera One

Opera has made a bet on AI and introduced an updated browser Opera One

Details about Opera One

Opera Software Company showed clearly what its development will look like. In addition to the fact that now the browser will have a new name, there are obvious changes in it at first glance.

The updated software was named Opera One. The company expects that it will be able to completely replace the current version. Therefore, developers create software for installation on a PC with any operating system.

Opera One Tab Islands

Opera Software offers to test an early test version of the browser today. But it is important to understand that it is focused on developers. The software will have been brought to full readiness by the end of 2023. Then it will replace the current version.

Key differences of the new browser

Immediately after opening the page, the user notices such an innovation as "Islands of tabs". Thanks to this, you can customize the browser as comfortably as possible for your own needs, taking into account the context. In simple terms, using Tab Islands, tabs can be grouped by topics. For example, all pages on the topic of travel will open in a separate island. At the same time, the developers made sure that each of the islands had very clear boundaries and differed in colour. Therefore, they cannot be confused when moving between different pages.

The flexibility of the new browser is that you can use Tab Islands in different ways. First of all, islands are created automatically. But also the user can initiate their creation on their own for his own requests. So, several open tabs are combined into one island by pressing the CTRL/Command button. At the same time, it remains possible to move pages between islands.

Opera Software does not intend to stop on this. The company promises that it will surprise users with new functionality. It is not yet known exactly what options will be added, but it will certainly be something interesting and useful, because the developer uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to expand the set of functions. To do this, Opera Software is going to release its own AI engine, which should take place literally in the coming months.
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