The ZeroEdge is a laptop that went beyond

The ZeroEdge is a laptop that went beyond

The Taiwanese company Compal Electronics has demonstrated a prototype of a "frameless" laptop called ZeroEdge. The bezels of the laptop are practically completely absent, the top and bottom are minimized, and the side ones are not at all. In addition, the laptop lid has been hinged to reduce the lower bezel and make the screen float.ZeroEdge air-floating display design

The ZeroEdge features a 14-inch curved OLED screen that blends seamlessly into the same side panels. Thus, the laptop display occupies 99% of the area on one side of the lid.ZeroEdge 99% stb ratio

The side panels can act as touch-sensitive switches for volume, launch applications, switch songs, or be used as an assistant to the voice assistant. ZeroEdge al side-assistant

Also, the lack of side bezels allows 2 ZeroEdge laptops to be side-by-side to create 1 ultra-widescreen display.ZeroEdge  multiple-screen seamless viewing mode

The concept of a frameless laptop really deserves attention, we hope that this project will soon be implemented.