Garmin Enduro is the leader among smartwatches in battery life

Garmin Enduro is the leader among smartwatches in battery life

Garmin has announced its new product, which immediately intrigued everyone. The brand-new Garmin Enduro smartwatch simply broke all records for battery life and became the most durable smartwatch. A really great accessory and assistant for those who just "live in sports".

According to the manufacturer Garmin Enduro, they are capable of battery life up to 65 days in smartwatch mode and up to 1 year in economy mode. With GPS turned on, the watch can work up to 80 hours. Such indicators will not leave indifferent any lover of an active lifestyle, because these watches have no equal on the market today.Garmin Enduro on hand

To achieve maximum autonomy, the developers worked hard on powering the smart watch, making several customizable modes, and also installed a special Power Glass that recharges the watch from solar energy.Garmin Enduro Steel and Carbon

Garmin Enduro is equipped with an always-on screen with a diagonal of 1.4 inches and a resolution of 180x180 letters. The smart watch is able to measure the maximum level of oxygen consumption, stress level, exercise intensity. In addition, the watch has a special UltraRun rest timer, an optical heart rate monitor, and there are also special functions: recommendations for recovery, recommendations for jogging, cycling training. Garmin Enduro is protected from water up to 10 ATM.Garmin-Enduro-in the box

In addition to all the functions related to health and sports, the watch received Garmin Pay contactless payment technology. The Garmin Enduro will sell for €799,99 for the steel version and €899,99 for the lightweight titanium version.Garmin Enduro price