Gmail's popular app getting ready for a big upgrade

Gmail's popular app getting ready for a big upgrade

Google is also still working hard to improve their own products towards the users. As it became known, the company is going to make a complete redesign of its own applications, and the first in line was the Gmail application. In the future, this will affect other applications: Google Docs, Chat, Rooms, Meet and others.

Google justified this decision by the fact that all applications should work as a whole ecosystem, which is subject to all your actions. After all, even a regular Gmail application should become not only a place to work, but also a real home for your thoughts, creativity, communication and the like. This application will receive a number of useful commands that provide quick access to "Mail", "Chat", "Room" and other tabs. Thus, this should simplify the transition to applications where notifications accumulate. Introducing your new home for work, gmail

Redesign will not only change the appearance of applications for the better, but also simplify the work with them. You can immediately work with files directly in the app, chat and video chat at the same time, view tasks, and so on. gmail, new call

Google Meet will also receive a number of innovations, namely the function of viewing attendance, setting a custom background, filling out questions and quick answers to them, and many other useful functions.

Large-scale updates from Google to help users more comfortable use of all the company's products, but the main purpose of course is to - elimination of alternative applications that compete with the company's products or are more comfortable to use. It remains unclear when the updates will take effect, but we do not think that it will take too much time.