Download Strategy&Tactics 2: WWII MOD lots of gold/money/resources 2.0.4 APK

Strategy&Tactics 2: WWII MOD lots of gold/money/resources — Choose a country to develop military power and political action; among all the powers you will be able to choose your own or the one you would like to gain military experience behind. Your country will depend entirely on your actions and decisions. Negotiate diplomatic agreements, seek out alliances for your country and engage in military conflicts against other nations. Negotiate to influence the future course of events between nations, negotiate peace or alliance with a new country.

Perhaps brutality is your middle name, betray allied countries by attacking at unexpected moments to destroy and seize territory, think of the good of your country. Take the side of the defenders by leading peacekeeping operations, becoming a reliable rear for the alliance. Reinforce your territory with a powerful military platoon, recruiting new troops and reinforcements in cordons. Channel resources and military might to allies in need, earning a positive reputation for your country. Become stronger economically by discovering scientific research and military breakthroughs that will go to the world market and enrich your country.

Demonstrate leadership by leading infantry, tanks, navy and artillery in military operations. Choose a variety of ways to attack, destroy and defeat your enemies, thereby capturing territory without the slightest loss of life on your part. Play as renowned prominent leaders, raise the country under their command, conducting the most dangerous operations in tactical turn-based battles using bonus leader skills.

Download Strategy&Tactics 2: WWII MOD lots of gold/money/resources:
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