Download Adorimon MOD free improvements 1.0.102 APK

Adorimon MOD free improvements — Conquer the fantastic world of the Adorimon as you set out to explore the wondrous creatures, solving their mystery of origin. You didn't end up here for nothing, along with great luggage of knowledge, start training the beasts. Find a new headquarters in the form of a hut, which will become your shared home. Embark on a long journey across the lands, together with your faithful companion. Defy enemies by engaging in combat with enemy Adorimans and win them for your team.

Enrich your staff from the simplest to the rarest of pets, each with their own unique abilities and fighting styles. Engage in combat with different pets, learn their traits and combine them with other pets to form potent units for destruction. Upgrade the power of your pet in HQ, level up and unleash your pet's maximum rank.

Discover the pet's rank, transform its appearance, and unlock more power. Become a friend and teacher, loyal warlord, and master of strategic combat. Create an entire staff of battle pets, each with their own powerful element and unique look. Learn about the world, complete turn-based storyline challenges, find legendary pets, and fight to make them travel with your team. Show off how strong your guild is by engaging in battles with other players. Compete in tournaments and fight for the top spots on the leaderboard.

Download Adorimon MOD free improvements:
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