Download European War 6:1914 MOD unlimited coins/medals 1.3.24 APK

European War 6:1914 - WW1 Strategy Game MOD unlimited coins/medals - Incredible strategy game that will show you the imminent start of World War I, Attack of the Eagle, Eastern Front, Ottoman War and many other historical military events. Immersed in a historical adventure, observe the famous military geniuses of that time and their actions in the war, as well as the first discoveries of military technologies that are sure to amaze the whole world with their power. The scale of the war has developed unexpectedly quickly, which took everyone by surprise, it's time for you to join it and demonstrate all your strategic knowledge already in the war itself. You will play as a commander, make important decisions and participate in 150 famous battles, overcoming many historical wars in 10 chapters of the game, in each of which you can take the opposite side and advance your country to victory, rule entire territories and empires, build new palaces , train your troops and even get princesses.

Download European War 6:1914 MOD unlimited coins/medals:
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