Download European War 6: 1804 MOD medals/coins 1.2.30 APK

European War 6: 1804 - Napoleon Strategy Game MOD medals/coins - Incredibly addictive strategy game in which you will take historical actions during the end of the American war of independence, when the French Revolution swept across Europe in which the world should change in a matter of days, you will be able to enter the war where there will be military geniuses like Nelson, Napoleon, Kutuzov and others that will change the course of this world. Become a general and control your army, build military training and facilities to modernize your troops, as well as build military facilities that will improve the development of your city and significantly affect income, take diplomatic actions that will affect the war and help the allies. Go through the historical plot of the battles of that time and enjoy the role of the general.

Download European War 6: 1804 MOD medals/coins:
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