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Doomsday Clicker — It’s time to join the dark side, now you’re Dr. Evil! You are the most insidious villain in the universe who has created a weapon to destroy the world, and the only one who will finally finish the job and destroy the Earth! Yes, it’s time to wipe everything off the face of the Earth, but not to your own detriment, because you’ll be the one to make money and become the savior for everyone.

Build your own bunker and begin the rebirth, and everyone who survives is sure to turn to you! Build new structures, pick up all the unfortunate people, build up your power and capital, and then blow up the world again! After each explosion, your profits will double, more interesting and crazier people will come to you, and only you will win! Play, blow up, and think through your devious plans, Dr. Evil!

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