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Balloon free slot machine - detailed review

The Balloon slot aims to simplify classic crash games by borrowing elements from entertainment and cartoons. This emulator from Smartsoft Gaming attracts the attention of the public with its laconism and visual style. Among the dozens of similar releases in this category, The Balloon is played every day in online casinos.

Our review is designed to provide a complete analysis of the features of the Balloon slot machine. We will describe in detail the characteristics, rules of the game, potential bonuses, as well as the principle of launch.

Balloon Characteristics

Released in 2019, the Balloon game is unlike other crash-themed tittles. Here on the virtual field exclusively bright colours are used, and in the process of launching the balloons change their shade as the multiplier increases above 1.50. Retains customers and saturated animation, which for a long time attracts the eye.

  • ● Developer: Smartsoft Gaming
  • ● RTP: 96%
  • ● Min. rate: 0.2
  • ● Max. rate: 10
  • ● Genre: arcadeer

In terms of audio, users will hear the sounds of balloons inflating and popping as they expand or burst. The game also introduces reward triggers that activate tokens and sound effects if a successful pull is made before the balloon bursts. For added realism, Balloon makes a beeping sound when a balloon bursts and does not bring the customer a win.

Gameplay and rules of the Balon slot

Similar to the usual crash games such as Aviator, where the main task of the participant is to withdraw money before the destruction of the rising line, the Balloon slot machine offers a similar mechanism of events. In the Balloon slot machine, you must fill a balloon with air and manage to withdraw your winnings before it bursts.

● The start of the round is when the user begins to inflate the balloon. As its volume increases and it fills with air, the prize multiplier increases. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between the length of time the customer holds down the inflate button and the degree to which the multiplier increases.

● If you are playing Balloon Slot for free in the demo version or for real rubles, there is no time limit between sessions. The round ends and the Kush is paid out from the moment the button is released.

● Balloon's auto-launch does not work as the game requires continuous keystrokes. You may also notice that there are no automatic payouts.

● Unlike other crash games, Balloon lacks the element of social interaction. Users can only follow other players' scores in a separate window.

Watch out! The only way to win is to get your money out before the balloon bursts.

How to play Balloon for money with withdrawal

To play Balloon at the official site of a reputable casino, follow the instructions below:

  1. 1. Set your desired bet in the range of 0.10 to 100 in the equivalent of your game currency.
  2. 2. Click and hold the purple key to inflate the balloon.
  3. 3. Release the button before the balloon bursts.

As the machine uses a random number generator and there are no wild or scatter symbols, winning is entirely down to luck.

Download Balloon to your phone

The Balon game is published using jаvascript and HTML5 code. Thanks to this, it is possible to run the emulator through any web browser on Apple or Android OS.

It is worth noting that at the time of writing there is an app for direct access to the slot, which you can download from the link below. And judging by the comments on the forums, compatibility with any device that supports HTML5 ensures that the game will work on almost all modern operating systems.


☰ How to start playing Balloon slot?

ᐉ To run the emulator, you need to download the app from the link below, register, place a bet and start inflating the balloon.

☰ Are there any strategies for playing Balloon?

ᐉ The game of crash Ballon is based on a random number generator, so there are no specific strategies that will guarantee a win.

☰ What devices do Balloon support?

ᐉ Balloon slot machine is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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