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Most of us are familiar with the typical slot machine with reels where identical symbols on the same payline form winning combinations. However, online casino slots developer BGaming offers a new format of gambling entertainment based on a popular 20th century TV show - The Price Is Right. Plinko was a breath of fresh air in the iGaming market. It quickly gained popularity due to its exciting gameplay with simple rules that do not require complex thinking, and generous winnings that occur regularly without the anticipation of big wins.

We tell you in detail how to play the Plinko slot machine online so that you are not left in the lurch. We also tell you where you can download a casino application with the Plinko game to play on your mobile phone in a comfortable and secure environment.

Features of Plinko slot

Although Plinko Online Slot does not resemble traditional slot machines in terms of the mechanics of prize calculation and visual design, its mathematical model and the principle of GSC operation fully replicate them. More detailed basic information about the game can be found below:

  • ● Provider - BGAMING.
  • ● The payout ratio (RTP) is 98.91%.
  • ● Volatility - depends on the number of activated rows with obstacles (pegs sticking out of the field, through which the ball rolls).
  • ● The maximum winnings are x1000.
  • ● Size. bets ($,€,£,₽) - 0.1-100.
  • ● Features: Arcade style, Changing rilset, Quick rounds.

If you are not sure if unusual casual casino games are for you, try the Plinko slot for free in demo mode. This way you can get a better idea of the game's appeal without risking any real money.

Remember that gambling with financial risks requires a responsible approach. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming addicted.

How to play Plinko for money and free

The essence of the game in Plinko is quite simple: the video slot is a steep wall in the shape of a vertical pyramid with pegs sticking out of it. When the bet is placed and the "Start" button is pressed, a ball rolls out of the top and heads down. As it falls, it bounces randomly off the obstacles, chaotically changing its trajectory until it falls into one of the pockets at the bottom of the board. Each of these pockets has its own multiplier, ranging from 0.2 to 1000 depending on the risk level selected.

Plinko Bonus Game

As the Plinko slot game is not a standard online casino product, there are no freespins or other bonus features. The entire game is based solely on chance and luck. The player is simply asked to launch a ball that will fall through a series of obstacles and land in one of the winning or losing sectors. This makes playing Plinko intuitive, without the distraction of complicated rules or extra options - just pure excitement.

Download Plinko on your Android phone

On our website you can download the Plinko app for Android smartphones for free from a licensed casino. It is safe because the software has been developed by a reputable gaming entertainment operator and has been tested for viruses and vulnerabilities. Downloading such gaming software eliminates problems and unauthorised access to users' personal information.


☰ Where can I find honest reviews about Plinko slot?

ᐉ Look for real reviews of the Plinko slot machine on casino review sites and forums dedicated to gambling. It is also worth checking out thematic groups on social networks.

☰ Are there any strategies for beating Plinko?

ᐉ There are no guaranteed winning strategies in Plinko. Like any other form of gambling entertainment, Plinko is based on random outcomes.

☰ Can I play Plinko for free on my Android phone?

ᐉ Yes, if the digital lobby of your casino's mobile app has a Plinko slot with demo support. You can download such software from us.

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