Download Dinosaur World - Idle Museum MOD unlimited moves 1.2.12 APK

Dinosaur World - Idle Museum MOD unlimited moves — Together with a large team, embark on an adventure around the world in the hope of finding stunning excavations in the depths of our Earth. You're a professional archaeologist; your hobby has grown into a job you love, and you'll celebrate. Become the discoverer of extinct creatures that once lived on Earth. Embark on your first expedition to excavate fossils, using archaeological tools, carefully digging up patches of ground in the hope of finding what you came for. Excavate the bones of extinct animals and take them back to HQ to collect all the animal body parts and discover their origins.

Fill the museum with excavated rare species of dinosaurs, presenting the prehistoric exhibit to humanity, benefiting scientific research and delighting visitors with an immersion in the distant past. Expand the museum by installing new exhibits, revealing more facets of our planet's Jurassic period. For a successful expedition, search for suspected fossil sites. Use upgraded toolkits that you can upgrade to increase the chances of finding valuable finds for your museum. With the help of archaeology, revive the prehistoric life of every extinct creature, a spectacle everyone can look forward to thanks to your work.

Download Dinosaur World - Idle Museum MOD unlimited moves:
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