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Dino World - Jurassic Dinosaur MOD free shopping - Imagine the Jurassic period in modern times, it doesn't sound very cheerful, but it's not so sad in this game. Welcome to a legendary and historical era of the most fearsome creatures that once lived on Earth. The Jurassic period is right at your fingertips, become a major part of it, watch how the dinosaurs of that time evolved and contribute your own history to their prehistoric lives.

Inhabit the earth with new species of dinosaurs and begin to care for them: feed, train and mate with other species to obtain rare species of dinosaurs. Take part in dinosaur battles, and influence the outcome of the battle in your favour by upgrading your dinosaurs. This way, by upgrading your dinosaurs you will unlock new skills, enhance characteristics and significantly improve all chances over your opponents in the battle. Each dinosaur has its own unique talents and characteristics, combining them with other dinosaurs can create a truly unbeatable duo in battle. Declare yourself as the strongest opponent, defeat your enemies to collect their rewards, new items, and unlock the next phase of exciting battles with other dinosaurs.

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