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Idle Medieval Town - Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval MOD diamonds[/b] - The Medieval Age Simulator invites you to become part of its future destiny, namely to build an entire city with a stunning ecosystem. You are the master of the medieval world, build your kingdom in your own territory, the first houses, buildings, new plots that will bring you great profits.

Show off what a master builder you are from the ground up, start developing your city piece by piece, take care of its longevity through a quality balance of development that will last for centuries to come. Welcome the first inhabitants and tourists to your city and make their living conditions unforgettable. Build amusement buildings, shops, do everything to get everyone invested in your town, start making money in all areas of the newly created town. Get colossal profits from new establishments, technology and invest the money you earn into the permanent improvement of the city.

Open up new areas to develop new feats on the path of civilization, create better working conditions for every inhabitant, make yourself known to the world. Watch as your city grows, the constant improvement will enable you to make new discoveries, progress in new technologies and eventually become a perfect city whose civilization is constantly changing for the better

Download Idle Medieval Town - Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval MOD diamonds:
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