Download The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon MOD unlimited money 0.23.0 APK

The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon MOD unlimited money — An army management simulator is a big responsibility and an extremely heroic mission. Through your efforts, you can bring peace by absorbing unwanted military conflicts wherever they occur. Lead your army, your commands and decisions determine what your military base will achieve. You are in the midst of a military conflict and must act quickly. Start taking recruits into service, train your future soldiers to a specialist level. Open up training camps where every soldier can get professional training, then send them to military outposts to defend your base from enemy offensive attacks.

You're not fighting ordinary warriors, your enemies are experts in their class, and to fight back, your military might has to outclass the enemy. Train your auxiliaries and pass on your knowledge as commander-in-chief to make your mission easier and increase your contribution to the army's future. Recruit commanders and NCOs who can plan a detailed military training programme for each soldier. Run a modern and powerful base, equipping it with weapons and the best technology to take down the enemy in the most dangerous missions. Build a military empire of the best soldiers by investing in development, making huge profits from successful military operations, developing the war mogul's military industry.

Download The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon MOD unlimited money:
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