Download Idle Army Base MOD free purchases

Idle Army Base MOD free purchases - In this game you have to get used to the military base and raise it from scratch. Develop your army spirit to increase the power of your military base. You will start with a training camp where recruits will train under your strict guidance. Take training programs, earn money, expand your camp and increase your army recruits.
In Idle Army Base MOD you will have access to:
  • • "Training ground", where you will train your fighters;
  • • "Fights in the city" - where special forces soldiers will be trained;
  • • “Fights in the jungle” - train fighters to go down the ropes, fly helicopters and survive among the wild lands;
  • • “Fights in the Arctic” - in the conditions of a heavy Arctic tundra, your fighters will learn to survive;
  • • "Fights in the desert" - learn to ride on unsuitable roads for this;
  • • "Fights at sea" - train on warships, increase your level.

In addition, you will have at your disposal chemical weapons, tanks, artillery, and your fighters will be able to learn subversive affairs, become paratroopers and go through daily missions with obstacle courses. Download the game and start the army routine.

Download Idle Army Base MOD free purchases: