Download Idle Cruise Ship Simulator MOD unlimited money 1.1.5 APK

Idle Cruise Ship Simulator MOD unlimited money — Conquer the seas and oceans under the piles of iron you manage, this is your business and you are the entrepreneur. Starting a successful maritime business is a painstaking journey, run one of the biggest liners in existence. To embark on your first cruise with visitors, prepare the floating ship properly, for a sea voyage. Install more than 12 attractions, build a dining room and prepare sleeping berths for business class passengers. Set up a large kitchen, where chefs can create real culinary masterpieces. Develop decks where you can mingle with your liner's passengers when you first meet them.

Set up recreational cabins, each with detailed simulations of visitors with unique animations. Shuffle the rooms to your liking to achieve the best possible layout and comfort for all visitors. Upgrade to Business Class by moving to the lower decks of the cruise with a convenient switch. Upgrade staterooms, game rooms, kitchens, entertainment attractions and create a prestigious class for all visitors who choose your cruise. A cruise mogul's simulation that's worth your time, run an entire cruise and create the perfect seaside experience.

Download Idle Cruise Ship Simulator MOD unlimited money:
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