Download Nuclear Idle: Management games MOD free purchases 0.6.0 APK

Nuclear Idle: Management games MOD free purchases - Start developing your first business, work your way up to success in the nuclear industry and become the richest tycoon on the planet by selling nuclear resources. Your initial path to success will begin in a remote desert where you will build your first production of the first resource, uranium. Mining the valuable mineral, start selling it to start getting your first income, by selling you can begin to improve your production and increase your profits from mining by a factor of two or more. Improve your machinery, making the entire process of extracting the mineral even faster, take it to unload it and sell it.

Upgrade your production with new and improved equipment, upgrade your office center, and become rich both externally and internally. As you progress you'll be able to unlock new skills, start producing new technological items from resources and put them on sale for great value.

Travel to different countries and open your own extraction points for brand new resources, set up derricks and mine more minerals. Set up entire nuclear plants, produce energy and put it into a big circle of consumption that will bring you a not-so-mindful income. Build a large office tower to run your ever-expanding nuclear empire, in various locations on Earth.

Download Nuclear Idle: Management games MOD free purchases:
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