Download My Fantasy: Choose Romance MOD unlimited diamonds/tokens 2.9.1 APK

My Fantasy: Choose Romance MOD unlimited diamonds/tokens — A role-playing game designed for you to write your own story of beautiful love. You are the author of the creation of the story, the main character under your guidance will live the life behind the decisions you choose. Get to know your friends, start building a personal life by going on a first date with the person you love. Get the job of a lifetime.

Start creating your character initially, set your life preferences, gender, unique looks and put on your stylish clothes. The first chapter of your character's life is about to begin, so get to know the townsfolk who will help you settle into the city. Get a job by interviewing the handsome boss. Gradually build up your priorities, with shrewd or humble characters gaining unique personalities. Each episode is unique and engaging, allowing you to let your emotions run wild and live a vibrant life. Each level you progress through unlocks a new plot twist.

Become a vibrant character with a lot of fans biting their hearts out at the sight of you. Your chosen storyline unlocks a unique twist on your character's life, as you decide. Try creating a family with a beautiful ending, or remain a single character in love in search of new adventures.

Download My Fantasy: Choose Romance MOD unlimited diamonds/tokens:
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