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Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels MOD unlimited diamonds — Immerse yourself in hot romantic stories in the Hot & Rich simulator. Each chapter will be your creative burst of secret desires and fantasies. Control the entire story of your characters, watch the plot unfold with your choices, live the lives of your luxurious characters in the big boiling city of passion. Let your ideas come to life as you are the protagonist in each chapter of the main characters.

Choose the first chapter to pass it, but before you enter the characters' storyline, choose an appearance with a stylish outfit and a potential life partner. Live real life with the characters, have fun in clubs, get a prestigious job. Achieve the position of a high-ranking employee, make new acquaintances during working hours, which can grow into a passionate office romance. How the hero’s day ends it’s up to you, your choice determines the further actions of the story, it can be completely different from the original path of the hero.

Give a rhythm to each story, a new charm, creating new intrigues with influential people of the city. Set the style of the luxurious life of the hero, reincarnate in stylish designer outfits, maybe they will help determine the further destiny of the character. Create exciting, sensitive and dramatic scenes with your choices in each novel, see how a whole new story goes, familiar to you characters.

Download Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels MOD unlimited diamonds:
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