Download Movie Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited stones

Movie Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited stones - A colorful cinematography simulator, a fast-paced clicker for the best startup in the movie industry. Become the owner of a movie studio, long overdue for a change in filmmaking technology, give movies new ideas with the best actors and celebrities. On your shoulders will be the entire foundation of the film studio, starting with the management of staff, crew, sets and the entire filming process. Start creating the first masterpieces in the history of cinema, make for the most comfortable conditions in the studio. Set the set, dressing room and the rest of the rooms for the filming of your own films. Hire the best actors and actresses on your team, negotiate with celebrity PR people to make the next movie idea with real professionals and stars. Produce a diverse genre of films for the world, beloved melodramas, dynamic action movies, sci-fi and of course horror for fans of scary emotional outbursts. Invite young and young novice actors, train them as actors, cast them in leading roles in films, making them high-profile stars. A successful film studio and worldwide recognition from your favorite fans, it's all quite realistic, show your skills as a manager being the director of a newly created film studio. Win awards for your film studio, score big at the box office, each film you create is a new story of your creative world.

Download Movie Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited stones: