Download Idle Dev Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited money/skill points APK

Idle Dev Empire Tycoon sim business game simulator MOD unlimited money/skill points — Do you love to play, and have you ever dreamed of becoming a game creator? Then meet a new part of the simulator in which you will unleash your potential as a creator to the fullest. Use what you have not seen anywhere else, search for information and take gaming to the next level!

Build your small office and then upgrade to a large scale. Hire the best programmers, keep up with trends, and create something that really hits the masses. You can create absolutely any genres of games: shooters, racing, rpg and so on. Take esports to a whole new level! Improve your production and implement the most advanced technologies in your projects. Receive requests for cooperation with the best of the best companies, promote your business and shift business from pleasure.

Skill points and money are not reduced by improvements and purchases

Download Idle Dev Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited money/skill points:
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