Download Idle Success MOD unlimited money

Idle Success MOD unlimited money - The simulator of a successful life invites you to play as an unemployed guy, to make him a successful person by achieving high goals in life. Go through the thorny path of a young guy from the very beginning, first you will help the main character to overcome laziness with the help of training and thus help to lose a lot of excess weight that remained from a past life. Pump the training skills of the hero, adding the load on his body and making the training itself more effective, as well as open up new workouts for different muscle groups. After you have been able to achieve the desired result in losing weight on the hero, rather find a suitable job and start moving diligently up the career ladder. Make new connections with your work colleagues to gain more work experience and increase your chances of being promoted. Hard work and constant development of your hero will not make you wait long, get your first job promotion, which will allow you to receive a new salary payment that will allow you to buy an elite house, cars, go to restaurants, achieve even greater results by investing money in your development. gradually promoting your hero to a successful position of the head of the company.

Download Idle Success MOD unlimited money: