Download From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD money 1.8.6 APK

From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD money — Start playing as a simple guy who has nothing, with the help of your perseverance and goals, reach the heights that millions of people dream of. Become a truly rich person and even a president, and for this you have to go through a difficult and long life path. But first, go to university and get a proper education.

Take a job in order to start earning your first income. Do everything to get you promoted, consider various options for secondary income, like casinos or trading. Keep track of your success and everyday life and well-being by buying new things, food and new apartments, as well as go to parties and increase your happiness indicators. Find your love and build a happy family. Arrange your virtual life the way you would like it, in this simulator you will definitely succeed.

Download From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD money:
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