Download Judgment Day MOD many rings

Judgment Day MOD many rings - Are you ready to take on more responsibility and take part in redirecting souls in the afterlife? If you're ready, then it's time to get to work! In this afterlife simulator you will control the destinies of people who have entered the other world, or rather, you will judge them and choose where they should go: to heaven or hell.

As you know, after death all people become equal, whether they are a famous actor or an ordinary janitor, the main role is played by how they lived this life. You have to understand the history and the actions of each of the characters when they were alive and then judge them. It depends on your choice if this or that person will go to heaven, or maybe he has long been "crying" in the cauldron of hell? Try on the image of God, whether you are able to correctly judge and choose the final path for your guests? Download and play this simulator, it's time to rule the fates in heaven!

Download Judgment Day MOD many rings: