Download Magic Streets: The GPS realm MOD unlimited gems/coins 1.1.42 APK

Magic Streets: The GPS realm MOD unlimited gems/coins — Defend your own city in a game world where battles and survival take place right outside your home. The world built on your geodata is very different from real safe life, here you have to fight for life, survive among monsters. Pick up your first sword to help you face the monster with dignity. Explore the roads you are familiar with, find the threat in the form of a monster and challenge you to engage in battles. In battles you will have to strike at the most opportune moment. So make quick and cautious touches to hit your target in the green zone and inflict heavy damage on your opponent.

As you wander the open world exploring, you'll find numerous items such as new weapons in treasure troves scattered across the globe. The game lets you craft armour and weapons, equipping your character with gear and unique weapons, increasing your chances of defeating the mighty monsters that reside around you. Save strangers in the world from enemies, find and save from dragon attacks, saved lives are sure to repay your hero.

Riding a horse will make your adventures easier, curb your speed on horseback. Fortify and fight effectively, build towers that can be used to attack your enemy from a distance. Unlock teleporters that will allow you to move faster in the open world. Start building your own village where rescued residents can settle, and you can facilitate dangerous adventures.

Download Magic Streets: The GPS realm MOD unlimited gems/coins:
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