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Hero Adventure: Survivor RPG MOD free purchases — The world has become a different place, you have woken up to a crushing darkness that has turned you into a ghostly hunter. Your task is to survive and destroy the evil that has come along with the darkness that has engulfed the bright rays of the sun and the once beautiful landscapes of the land. It's an RPG, a fantasy game that will captivate your dark heart. Play as a demon hunter using a bow, crossbow, heavy rifle, sharpened arrows and high caliber ammo.

Plunge into the dark corners of an abandoned castle in London and challenge bosses and hordes of bloodthirsty vampires. Cleanse the castle, killing everything around you so you don't fall prey to the monsters themselves. Upgrade your character traits, boosting your skills and giving you more resistance against the forces of darkness. Complete numerous quests by completing challenging castle levels, allowing you to upgrade your equipment, weapons and recruit new allied archers to your squad. With each new day, undergo squad training and learn magical knowledge to face epic creatures and their bosses, each battle against the darkness will bring you closer to exiting the castle and crushing the darkness of this world.

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