Download TotAL RPG - Classic style ARPG MOD unlimited rubies 1.20.0 APK

TotAL RPG - Classic style ARPG MOD unlimited rubies - Immerse yourself in an action RPG game, with endless progressive gameplay that won't bore you. The game has beautiful, intense visuals with smooth controls, superb 3D graphics with visual effects that are sure to win you over. Start your endless action adventure right now, choose the right hero for your playing style. You can be a mage, possessing the art of powerful spells, whose attacks will come from long distances. Also be an archer, using the marksmanship of an eagle, hitting your enemies straight in the bullseye. Or be a brave warrior, a knight, destroying all creatures with a single swing of a gladiator sword, the choice is yours. Choose a hero and begin to explore the endless dungeon, kill crowds of skeletons and monsters coming your way, collect valuable bonuses and rewards for their kill. Climb up the corridors, find the doors that will lead you to the next level. Make your way to the next stage of the endless corridor, to meet new obstacles and even epic bosses. Get stronger by buying new weapons and armor, equip your hero in stronger gear. Improve the characteristics of the hero and the index of the equipment, thus becoming more powerful. Only strong and brave heroes can go further and unlock more dungeons, which are inhabited by elite monsters and bosses.

Download TotAL RPG - Classic style ARPG MOD unlimited rubies:
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