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Gardenscapes is colorful, so puzzle lovers will love it. The developers have thought through the application to the smallest detail, so it is fascinating from the first minute. There are many levels and a pet, so you won't want to return to the real world.

At first, the character finds himself in an abandoned garden, in which new objects will be added as it develops. The new world will be shown by the polite butler Austin, who will tell you about the rules of the game. The developers have tried to do everything to lure the user and not let go as long as possible.

  • Application difference:
  • ● each level differs from the previous and next in complexity;
  • ● to give realism to the game, characters have been added, telling about their fate;
  • ● one of the main features is a social network inside the passage of the task, where you can find out interesting information about the character;

The essence of Gardenscapes is the ability to play each episode a maximum of 5 times. If the attempts were unsuccessful, you will have to wait some time so that you can continue to conquer the virtual world. An interesting feature is the integration with the site, so users will be able to find their followers on social networks who also play Gardenscapes. Thanks to constant updates, the possibilities of the players expand, and new objects are constantly added that equip the garden.

You don't need to be online to play here. You just need to download the game to your mobile device - and you won't be bored anymore.

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