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Snow Drift! MOD free purchases - Racing drifting simulator, show how you can make spectacular drift tracks right here. Huge snow drifts have made it difficult to remove them, the lack of power and funds to remove them has had a global impact on the infrastructure of the city and its roads. Now it's your turn to arrange an incredible race, to remove any drifts on the tracks, get behind the wheel of your favorite car and rush straight to the stagnant snow on the roads. With your car you can easily and quickly remove obstacles on the roads, show your drifting skill by doing incredible stunts, sharp turns and circles. Pass levels, performing racing stunts, helping residents of different cities with a global problem, become heroes completing the task. Get new cars as a reward, a whole vanguard of undiscovered cars with a huge selection of different categories of cars, designed for any difficulty in the new obstacles in the new levels. Unlock as many cars as possible, try them out in action, start driving a huge bus, a racing sports car or a vintage car, find the one that will be up to any difficulty of obstacles.

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