Download Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited money

Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited money - Create a successful film studio, start managing all the processes in creating your next masterpiece. The game will allow you to discover a new hobby, and maybe even realize a dream, become the best film director in history, creating the most popular genres of films. In order to start creating new productions of your film in your film studio, hire people. Personnel who will oversee the process of creating a new film are an integral part of it. Equip the studio with new buildings, the more new buildings the better for the workers. More new buildings to house new groups of skilled work teams, each doing their own unique and important job in the making of the film. New departments to manage all elements of the creation and production of the film, namely staging effects, costumes, music and sound, the script and much more. Become famous for the quality content released films, release them in sales, get a retainer for it, gain a loving audience and fans who will make you a mega-popular film studio. Gained fame you can use it for their own purposes, such as acquiring contacts of famous actors, Hollywood stars, hire the best directors, to combine these two groups on a common platform. Build an empire of the best cinematography and put it all in your control, make a lot of people dream to be in your movies, in the first roles. A casual game that requires you to make strategic decisions, in your favorite genre of management and idle management.

Download Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon MOD unlimited money: