Download Sausage MOD all skins unlocked 1.8.0 APK

Sausage MOD all skins unlocked - What are these hot dogs up to? Sausages are having a riot and are now eating their own kind, if you don't want to become someone else's lunch, then you should put all your will into your fist and kick other sausages' asses! Fight a crazy hot dog fight, cleverly avoid obstacles and strike your opponent!

You can push the sausages out of the "fighting ring" or you can beat the sausages by intentionally making them run into obstacles such as a sharp knife, sink, sharp tools, or stove. The one who can survive will win, the most dexterous will get more achievements and prizes. In addition to exciting sausage fights, you can customize your character, giving him a more formidable appearance! Hurry up and get into the fight, and don't forget to do your victory dance at the end!

The game may not start on the first try!

Download Sausage MOD all skins unlocked:
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