Download Run Sausage Run! MOD coins

Run Sausage Run! MOD coins — Sausages want to live too! Embark on a dizzying and very dangerous adventure with a crowd of sausages who have decided to escape from a terrible fate in the kitchen! Run, dodge cutting, sharp objects, jump over plates and try to get away from hammers! Open different sausages and guide them through real hell to the exit!

Play as a juicy sausage or an appetizing hunting sausage and rush your strength through hellish obstacles: stove, press, knives, deep fat and so on. You will find simply the most breathtaking endless race with obstacles. Collect coins along the way and open new sausages. And if you do find yourself out for dinner, you can always start the race as a completely different sausage. You are simply guaranteed a good mood.

Download Run Sausage Run! MOD coins: