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Rolly Legs MOD free purchases - Welcome to a 3D arcade game with incredibly addictive and vivid gameplay, in which you certainly will not get bored. Many bright levels are waiting for you, and all that is required of you is to control the robot, in control with one touch of your finger. Robot Race has never been so fun and easy to control, control your robot with a single tap, make sure that the obstacle in front of you does not become a problem for you, use your legs at the right time to overcome obstacles or for a smooth landing from a high flight and jump. Go through the racing levels, where you compete with other robots, use your knowledge in physics and think about the best moments to give your robot free movement for the best result in the race. Gather speed and outrun your competitors to become the first and win the race. Each level has its own difficulties and its own unique race track, you have a chance to demonstrate your racing skills and your attentiveness to overcome difficulties. Unlock more new images for the robot, become funny and unique in new skins. Reach the finish line and set records in the finish measurement, because your main prize for the race will depend on it.

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