Download Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles MOD unlocked

Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles MOD unlocked - Start an exciting adventure to free hostages from villains around the world. The game will provide you with a large arsenal of explosive and firearms with the help of it you will deal with any villains, bandits, ninjas and other evil characters that will be on your way. Show your skills as a skilled shooter and your IQ. Solving the given puzzle correctly, time your shot and destroy the villains before they shoot at you. A huge world full of the most dangerous villains awaits you and only a master can stop them with his accurate shot. Defeat all monsters and villains to save the world and become a hero. Discover more possibilities and new situations in epic missions in which you will meet completely new challenges in puzzles, be able to watch thrilling scenes of your epic physics-based shots and finally master the perfect shooting skill to make incredible chain shots that can kill with one shot all the villains.

Download Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles MOD unlocked: