Download HellCopter MOD money 1.8.31 APK

HellCopter MOD money - A new 3D shooter in the big city with huge possibilities, get ready to properly rip off the entire elite gang of the city with just one of your precise shots, you can watch the epic shot from your rifle and become the liberator of the city from the villains. Show yourself as a professional shooter, take on a secret mission to eliminate the bandits and go on your mission, the action of which will take place in the air.

Using the helicopter you will fly over the invaded buildings of the villains, looking through the windows of the building destroy the entire group of bandits that will be in front of you. You can take out your enemies in a variety of ways, two of which will be with your bullets and the explosions you can set off by targeting explosive barrels. Pass intense levels that will change in difficulty with each passing, unlock new weapons for a successfully completed mission and rather try it out on the bandits.

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