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What The Fight MOD coins - Try yourself in a new stickman puppet fight in the arcade genre, which the WTF game will provide you, all you need is to move skillfully based on the game's controls, on the laws of physics. Your goal of the game is to destroy all your enemies with the help of various objects that will be on your way, manage to kill everyone and remain one survivor in order to defeat these epic battles. Start your game right now, control your colored stickman and show how strong you are against other players or in ordinary levels with your own challenges. The game will provide you with battles with other players from all over the world on various levels with obstacles, bright 3D graphics will decorate your fight and make it exciting and interesting. Hone your skills in these puppet battles. Become invincible champions and show what kind of fighter you are in championships where only the best fighters in the world can enter and take part.

Download What The Fight MOD coins: