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World Conqueror 2 MOD free purchases - Become a unique figure in the history of World War II, go through the history of having been there personally, tell the most legendary leaders in the history of the war, find out their battle tactics when playing with them in alliance or go to the other side, fighting with them, become the worst opponent among historical figures. Starting the game you need to go through a campaign to open all the possibilities in the game, choose your side, be an ally or a new enemy, start to fight and capture new countries using your battle strategy. Unlock new weapons and legendary equipment of that time, conquer the most powerful weapons of that time as the Katyusha of the USSR and the German Tiger tank, get new troops from various countries of the world who will have new military tactical abilities, which will allow you to double your advantage in the war against enemies.

Download World Conqueror 2 MOD free purchases: