Download Cooking Diary MOD gems/coins 2.28.2 APK

Cooking Diary Restaurant Game MOD gems/coins — Get caught up in exciting culinary stories and be a part of them, leaving a huge mark on the culinary industry. You'll find yourself in the enormous capital city of Tasty Hills, where you'll have to save your grandfather's restaurant and continue the family business.

Get ready to witness interesting events every working day, make your restaurant excellent even for restaurant critics, create culinary masterpieces together with your chef, get rid of competitors and their cunning and sneaky actions, make foodies go crazy for your cuisine. Join the rest of the guilds or create your own and compete with other players, start playing with friends and get valuable rewards together, conquer the world of cooking.

Develop in terms of cooking, try on the most extravagant images, become the most memorable chefs, improve your own restaurant and participate in the grandest events of the city.

Play with an Internet connection


☰ How do I sync my account with Facebook?

ᐉ Synchronizing with Facebook will most likely not work!

☰ How to avoid a ban in the game?

ᐉ To avoid being banned from the game, play without an internet connection!

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