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Cooking Live - restaurant game MOD rubies/coins — Meet a protagonist named Jane, who is passionate about video blogging and has a great talent for coming up with food ideas. With her, you'll travel to different countries to find small cafes that are start-ups and in need of the support and help of experienced entrepreneurs and talented chefs. Jaina has a talent for design and helping anyone in need, together with her you will be creating in the kitchen and carrying out a rescue mission at the same time. When you arrive at a new cafe, help the owner unlock its potential by creating a quality kitchen menu. Demonstrate serving your customers delicious and hot dishes at the highest level.

Put your culinary skills to the test, transform the kitchen and open up new avenues of dining. Equip your cafe with the equipment and quality appliances to further develop your cafe. Take care of the interior design of old abandoned buildings, which will serve as new places for cooking. Turn an old house into a stylish restaurant or take on the task of restoring local cafés that have already been built and need a second life.

Download Cooking Live - restaurant game MOD rubies/coins:
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